Message from School Supervisor

In the face of rapid changes in the world, knowledge and the environment are constantly changing. In nurturing a new generation of children, we need to have fresh thinking and vision in the problem itself and install global citizenship in education. Working through empowerment and critical thinking, positive values to let children understand their relationship with the world is growing up and take action to make the world a better, fairer and more sustainable development.

HKVNS Alumni Association Kindergarten (KCC) adheres to the school motto of “Love Parents, Respect Brothers and Sisters, Loyalty and Trust” and focuses on cultivating children’s moral development since childhood. The so-called “three-year-old set eighty”, a character, is the cornerstone of success, with the moral education. And teaching model – humility, responsibility, honesty, courtesy, diligence, gratitude, caring, loyalty, love others as yourself, inspire children to develop good character from childhood. Through moral sharing and stories, school practice, family application and social contribution, children become good global citizens who are respectful, caring, active, responsible and fair.

In addition, our school also pays attention to the development of children’s adaptability. In the face of changing society, different challenges and difficulties, our school uses problem-solving games, scientific enlightenment, emotional games, etc., so that children can effectively manage their negative emotional reactions and calm down accept the indeterminate number of facts to methodically analyze and plan possible solutions. At the same time, multilingual ability and intelligent thinking are also the focus of our school, which are important elements of becoming a global citizen.

Rich teaching experience, excellent team and teaching links between parents and society, and jointly cultivate children, let them march towards the world and become global citizens.

Dr. Lee Po Cheung Patrick