Board of School

Our school management committees come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds with an in depth understanding in different fields. They ensure that the professional development, management, and school goals are all aligned with our school motto, Filial Piety, Brotherly Love, Loyalty, and Truthfulness.

(In no particular order)

Dr. Lee Po Cheung Patrick

Dr. Lee Po Cheung Patrick has built his career in the business sector, he has important posts in many international firms. He currently holds the post of General Manager and he is a board member of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. His father was the headmaster of Hong Kong Vernacular Normal Schools Alumni Association School. Dr. Lee cares a lot about education and has an in depth understanding of the education system of Hong Kong because of his family roots. He is enthusiastic about the school operation.

Mr. Lee King Sun

Mr. Lee King Sun is an experienced professional in business management and operation. He currently works as a CFO. He is an alumnus of Hong Kong Vernacular Normal Schools Alumni Association School. Mr. Lee participates passionately in non-profit work and community affairs, he also takes part in education issues, promotes cultural and educational development of Hong Kong.

Mr. Henry Tong Sau-Chai, M.H., J.P.

Mr. Henry Tong Sau-Chai, M.H., J.P. is a registered member of Certified Management Accountant. He currently holds a post as a general manager. His grandfather held a teaching position at Hong Kong Vernacular Normal Schools Alumni Association School. Mr. Tong is active in community services and he participates in different areas within the community, such as educational and medical services. He has advisory roles in Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference member (Shaoguan, Guangdong), vice chairman of Yuen Yuen Institute, committee of Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health and school management committee of Hong Kong Nang Yan College of Higher Education. Not only does Mr. Tong care about the growth and education of children, he was the chairman for Committee on Home-School Co-operation (2014-20) and takes part as a committee member of Education Commission, Committee on Basic Competency Assessment and Assessment Literacy, Committee on School Development and Accountability.

Mr. Leung Ka Yung Matthew

Mr. Leung Ka Yung Matthew’ s Great father is one of the first year graduate in Vernacular Normal school. He obtained distinguished academic performance and taught at Vernacular Normal school when he graduated. His grandfather and grandmother also graduated and taught in related school. Mr. Leung is passionate in education field, especially towards diversity learning of children. Therefore, he participates in school management and expects to contribute to local education development.

Ms. Ng Mei Ying Rebecca

Ms. Ng Mei Ying Rebecca is the current headmistress of S.K.H. Holy Carpenter Primary School. She was the headmistress of Hong Kong Vernacular Normal Schools Alumni Association School. Ms. Ng has years of experience in school administration. She has been serving in education field over twenty years, and has served in five primary schools. She believes her professional knowledge and experience could assist HKVNS Alumni Association Kindergarten (KCC) towards a bright future.