Board of School

Our school management committees come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds with an in depth understanding in different fields. They ensure that the professional development, management, and school goals are all aligned with our school motto, Filial Piety, Brotherly Love, Loyalty, and Truthfulness.

(In no particular order)

School Supervisor

Ir Prof Patrick PC Lee

Broad member of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (2020-2021)

Former chairman of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Logistics & Transportation Division (2019)

Dr. Lee Po Cheung Patrick has built his career in the business sector, he had important posts in many international firms, also held the post of General Manager and he was a board member of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and a former chairman of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Logistics & Transportation Division. His father was the headmaster of Hong Kong Vernacular Normal Schools Alumni Association School. Dr. Lee cares a lot about education and has an in depth understanding of the education system of Hong Kong because of his family roots. He is enthusiastic about the school operation.

School Manager

Mr. Henry Tong Sau Chai, MH, JP

Chairman of Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health

Deputy Chairman of Council of Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Mr. Henry Tong Sau-Chai, M.H., J.P. is a registered member of Certified Management Accountant of USA. He currently is a general manager of an enterprise. His grandfather was a student of Hong Kong Vernacular Normal School. Mr. Tong is active in community services and he participates in different areas within the community, such as educational and medical services. He is advisory Membet of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (Shaoguan, Guangdong), Vice Chairman of The Yuen Yuen Institute, and Council Member of Hong Kong Nang Yan College of Higher Education. Not only does Mr. Tong care about the growth and education of children, he was the Chairman for Committee on Home-School Co-operation (2014-20) and takes part as a committee member of Education Commission (2015-20), Steering Committee on Basic Competency Assessment and Assessment Literacy (2018-2022), Committee on School Development and Accountability. He is also Member of Hosptial Authority, Chairman of Tin Shui Wai Hospital Governance Committee, and Member of Committee on Promotion of Civic Education.

School Manager

Mr. Matthew Leung

Company Executive

Mr. Leung Ka Yung Matthew’ s Great father is one of the first year graduate in Vernacular Normal school. He obtained distinguished academic performance and taught at Vernacular Normal school when he graduated. His grandfather and grandmother also graduated and taught in related school. Mr. Leung is passionate in education field, especially towards diversity learning of children. Therefore, he participates in school management and expects to contribute to local education development.

School Manager

Miss. Rebecca Ng

Principal of SKH Holy Carpenter Primary School


Ms. Ng Mei Ying Rebecca is the current headmistress of S.K.H. Holy Carpenter Primary School. She was the headmistress of Hong Kong Vernacular Normal Schools Alumni Association School. Ms. Ng has years of experience in school administration. She has been serving in education field over twenty years, and has served in five primary schools. She believes her professional knowledge and experience could assist HKVNS Alumni Association Kindergarten (KCC) towards a bright future.


School Manager

Mr. Ivor Lee

Finance Director, Accountant

Mr. Lee King Sun is an experienced professional in business management and operation. He currently works as a CFO. He is an alumnus of Hong Kong Vernacular Normal Schools Alumni Association School. Mr. Lee participates passionately in non-profit work and community affairs, he also takes part in education issues, promotes cultural and educational development of Hong Kong.

School Manager

Mr. Alex Koo

Chief Executive with Extensive Global Freight and Supply Chain Experience within the logistics Sector

Mr. Koo is a professional practitioner in Supply Chain Management. Working as CEO of a logistics company under a public listed group company. He has been engaged in the logistics industry for more than 20 years and is a professional practitioner in the field of supply chain management. During his logistics career, he was responsible for transportation and distribution, warehouse management, entrance and exit operations, rich experiences in different fields such as business development. Mr. Koo is enthusiastic in Education, provides professional knowledge and experience, assists the school in establishing counting and borrowing systems, and is keen on promoting a smart school environment.

School Manager

Mr. Chris Au Young

Manager of Data Analysis of Airport Authority Hong Kong

Mr. Au Young currently serves as the General Manager of Smart Airport and General Manager of Data Analysis at the Airport Authority Hong Kong. Since joining the Airport Authority Hong Kong in 2006, he has held various important management positions at the airport. Since 2013, he has focused on the development of airport digitalization and has been responsible for leading a number of technological innovation projects to build Hong Kong International Airport into one of the world’s leading airports. Before joining the Airport Authority Hong Kong, he worked for an international express delivery company (TNT Express, now UPS) and Accenture, a world-renowned management and information technology consulting company, using technology to implement business transformation for a number of Fortune 500 companies. His passion for Education and also his experience in managing Fortune 500 companies to the field of Education.

School Manager

Miss. Loretta Lau

Financial Planner

Ms. Liu’s grandfather, Mr. Liu Sui, graduated from the Hong Kong Chinese Normal School and was engaged in education throughout his life. He taught at Clementi Secondary School and worked in the Education Bureau for many years until his retirement. After retirement, he became a director of the Hong Kong Chinese Normal School Alumni Association.Ms. Liu is a former student of HKVNS Primary School. She has many years of experience in the management of listed companies in Hong Kong. She is currently working as a financial planner in a well-known financial company. Her two sons are now elite members of the Hong Kong sports team. Ms. Liu inherits her grandfather’s passion for education and attaches great importance to children’s growth. Education, with close experience in providing advice on the development of children’s diversified plans, actively participating in the work of parent-teacher associations, and cultivating future elites of society through the integration of schools and parents.

School Manager

Mr. Simon Chan

PTA Chairman of Primary School

Mr. Chan is enthusiastic in Education. He is the former chairman of the primary school in Parent and Teacher Association and has extensive experience in school PTA. He is committed to running the PTA of the school, listening to the needs of the parents, fighting for the rights of the students, and playing an important role in home-school cooperation.

School Manager

Mr. Forwick Lam


Mr. Lam has worked as an engineer for many years and has extensive experience in the engineering industry. Mainly responsible for system design, approval of site materials and drawings, and ensuring that the project is constructed according to the drawings. At the same time, they have to go to the site from time to time to inspect and supervise the work to ensure that the entire building conforms to the original design. Mr. Lam is enthusiastic in Education and has provided professional advice on overall school safety, including, fire drill procedures and guidance, school drainage system and fire prevention system maintenance, and cleaning and disinfection planning of the school.

School Manager

Miss. Judy Lee

Ms. Judy Lee is a graduate of Hong Kong Vernacular Normal Schools Alumni Association School and she has many years of management experience. Her father was a teacher at Hong Kong Vernacular Normal Schools Alumni Association School, which inspired her to be passionate about education and jointly promote the development of the school.


Miss. Elisa Lee

Kindergarten Principal

Ms. Lee is a former kindergarten principal. With many years of experience in the Early Childhood Education industry, she brings valuable opinions and guidance to the development of the school.